X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse Preview

IGN PC has written up a two-page preview of X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, based upon a recent demonstration of the action RPG sequel given by Activision and Raven Software themselves. Check it out:
With so many new powers at your disposal, it's possible to create over 1,000 combos by using the combined powers of two mutants. Take the 16 available characters, and the fact each has around 12 or so powers, and that's a whole lot of combo power right there. Raven didn't comment on a specific number, but only because it seemed too large for them to recall with ease. A very good thing, indeed. Again, while coy on specifics, you'll be able to call on Wolverine and Juggernaut for the Fastball Special and Magneto and Bishop for Metallic Devastation.

With all of these new characters and abilities, Raven made sure to include equally compelling environments for you to explore. Your band of mutants will trek through the lost paradise of the Savage Lands, the fabled Weapon X Facility, and the Temple of Madripoor and even inside an Egyptian tomb. Each locale sports a series of puzzles, obstacles and traps, not to mention unique enemies. All told, there are about 100 new enemy types to contend with. Perhaps the coolest aspect of the environments in Legends II is their level of interactivity. When in Egypt, for example, stepping on the wrong tile on the floor will result in stone scarabs burrowing from underground to attack you. You'll also need to watch out for collapsing bridges, etc.