Dungeons & Dragons Online Q&A #1

MMORPG.com has begun a new Dungeons & Dragons Online Q&A series, with the first installment offering some answers from lead designer Ken Troop. An excerpt to follow:
Q: I see there are bards and rogues as classes. I hope they are not watered down flavors of other classes as is often the case in MMOs. Will they have clearly defined roles, such as songs/music for bards and thieving/lockpicking for rogues?

A: Absolutely. This is another area in which we've followed the D&D lodestone over the now cliché MMP character tropes of tank, healer, etc. Each of the nine classes in D&D Online have used the classic D&D roles as their inspiration. Nowhere is this more evident than with Rogues and Bards. Rogues in D&D aren't simply superior damage dealers they, along with Bards, can possess a wide variety of skills that are essential to a successful dungeon adventure detecting traps, picking locks, disabling devices, moving silently, etc. And Bards, just like their tabletop counterparts, can fill a wide variety of different roles with their skills and musical abilities..they are true (jacks of all trades).