X-Men Legends II Site Update

Activision and Raven's official X-Men Legends II website has been updated with screenshots of the Sanctuary hub level and a third production update penned by Raven designer Sean Campbell. A snip from the latter:
And speaking of '˜cool stuff' and improvements over the last game, I can't wait to see all the reactions to the new characters we have in this game. You'll never have more fun than when you use Juggernaut, charging into a room, baddies bouncing off you left and right, destroying walls and whatever else may be in your path. Just imagine the flashback Xavier Mansion battle with him last game, only this time, you're in control of the beast, smashing your way through the game. Or using Magneto, magnetically throwing guys into walls or other objects into those guys. Sure, Jean Grey could do that in the last game, but it feels so much cooler when using the master of magnetism himself, confidently standing back and unleashing his awesome power on the unsuspecting baddies.