Titan Quest Preview

WorthPlaying has dished up a preview of Titan Quest, based upon a recent demonstration of THQ and Iron Lore Entertainment's action RPG. Here's a little something to get you started:
Enemy AI will be fairly sophisticated so your task won't be easy; they'll use different tactics in combat and alter formation to protect the wounded members of the group while they heal up. Slaying enemies will cause them to drop appropriate items that you can then loot; combatants will drop shields and swords, but you won't see giant insects dropping sturdy wooden helmets. You earn skill points for killing enemies, and you earn gold for selling unnecessary looted items at the market. The numbers are somewhat staggering for a non-MMO title: 1,000+ pieces of equipment, 100,000+ pieces of magical equipment, and 120 skills, 10 of which can be stored on the top row of function keys for quick access. It's expected that Titan Quest will provide a solid 40 hours of gameplay the first time through.