Titan Quest Preview

GameSpy has put together a two-page preview of Titan Quest, based on a recent demonstration of the action RPG by publisher THQ. An excerpt to follow:
Creatures are now aware of not only their own abilities, but also what's going on with their compatriots. If one of their numbers falls and drops a sword that's more powerful than what they're wielding, they're going to pick it up and start using it. Creatures with healing skills will dynamically buff and heal their front line fighters while ranged spell casters will try to find cover. They've even got primitive emotions. Monsters will sometimes get jealous of another monster's equipment and fight to take it away. Monsters will also fight amongst themselves and while you will be able to take your loot from their steaming corpses, no creature will ever drop anything that doesn't make sense for them to be carrying -- no more random wolves are going to be dropping chain mail boots.