More Information About Dungeon Lords v1.2 Patch

DreamCatcher's Byron Gaum has once again stopped by DreamCatcher's official forums to provide a small progress report on the upcoming v1.2 patch for Dungeon Lords. His full post:
The plan is to get as much into the update as possible, given the time-frame. An earlier release would mean less content/fixes. I've heard that the maps are progressing nicely. I'm trying to get some of the developers on the boards again, but as you can imagine, they are extremely busy with the update and localizing other builds. Hopefully, they'll stop by again soon!

Not long after, DreamCatcher's Jeremy Norel provided some additional information in the very same thread:
This means that we are all doing our best to get things to you as soon as possible with as many fixes and updates and features as possible. We are working harder than some would believe and can't wait to release the patch as much as the community wants it.