Dungeons & Dragons Online Preview

The Boston Globe has published an article that details the many MMORPGs in development at Turbine, although a majority of the article focuses on Dungeons & Dragons Online. Here's a taste:
D&D Online puts players in the heart of Stormreach, where they can quickly learn where the action is, with enough abilities and weapons to start an adventure. ''We are not trying to replicate a world," said Troop. ''We are trying to replicate a shared adventure where you can have fun with your friends."

In traditional online adventure games, players get points for killing enemies. So it's common for them to hang around in areas where weaker enemies congregate, making easy kills to build their strength. That tactic won't work in D&D Online. Points are awarded for completing a mission, not for any kills made along the way. This lets players succeed through cunning rather than killing -- a fact that could help D&D Online appeal to more peaceable gamers.