City of Villains E3 Preview

WorthPlaying has written up a preview of City of Villains, after spending some firsthand time with Cryptic Studios' MMORPG expansion at this year's E3. A snippet to follow:
A huge new feature is the base-building system, available to supergroups (the CoH/CoV equivalent of guilds). With the new system, supergroups will be able to design, build, furnish, and defend their lairs against enemies and sometimes even allies. Bases will be able to hold functional objects such as banks and hospital beds, making them more than just eye candy or status symbols. Objects of incredible power, which will provide a bonus to the entire supergroup that holds them, will also be obtainable and held in that supergroups base. However, whenever a supergroup gains one of these items, everyone is notified and other supergroups are allowed to challenge that supergroup for the item, making well-designed bases with plenty of defenses built in almost a necessity. And yes, any supergroup, hero or villain, can challenge any other supergroup for the objects.