X-Men Legends II E3 Previews

A couple of new E3 previews for Activision and Raven Software's X-Men Legends sequel have made their way to the web. The first is at Gaming Horizon:
You can tell that the developers particularly worked on the graphics, the X-Men are much sharper and better looking than last time. The environments are also impressive and include enhanced destruction including the ability to throw and blow stuff up. The levels are also larger and there is more to do. One particular notice of graphics was when you were in the museum and scarabs were literally coming out of the floor, graphically this really worked and was very impressive.

And the second is at UGO:
Though the ending of X-Men Legends saw the defeat of Magneto and the destruction of Asteroid Mathias, Apocalypse reared his giant mutant head in the game's final FMV sequence, setting up a sequel. X-Men Legends wove a compelling story that hit upon the major characters of the comic books, and each character played very close to their counterparts.