City of Villains E3 Preview

GamersInfo has posted a preview of NCsoft and Cryptic's City of Villains, after getting some hands-on time with the superhero expansion at this year's E3. An excerpt:
The City of Villains world opens up 7 PvE zones for villain play and 4 PvP zones for villains and superheroes to clash. Just like in City of Heroes, villains will be able to enter instanced areas within these zones. In City of Villains, though, you take jobs instead of missions - it's all about personal gain. Another difference is that, while in City of Heroes you are rescuing hostages and protecting Paragon, you will be kidnapping, hijacking, infiltrating, and performing other such evil deeds. Instead of fighting gang leaders, villains will get to engage in comic book-esque battles with superheroes (such as Nimble Minx) who stand in your way.