Champions: Return to Arms Reviews

A couple of new reviews for Sony and Snowblind's Champions: Return to Arms have hit the web, although they're not as positive as one would expect. The first is at PALGN with an overall score of 6.5/10:
While Return to Arms is certainly an improvement over Champions of Norrath, it's not really enough of an improvement to satisfy the tastes of the discerning role playing gamer. The game does very little to set itself apart from other games that have used the same engine it feels like we've all been playing the same game since the release of Dark Alliance in late 2001. However, if you really enjoyed Champions of Norrath, and just need more of the same, Return to Arms should certainly quench your thirst for multiplayer dungeon crawling action.

And the second is at Fragland with an overall score of 43%:
One advantage of hack & slash games is the rather easy to pick up gameplay. Just like most fighting games it's only a matter of smashing all the buttons on your controller and you're sure to hit your enemies. Although I'm not a huge fan of this approach, it did keep me from trying to learn all the different moves and combo's. Tell me, what would you do when several Xbox hits are waiting to be tested?