City of Villains E3 Preview

The guys at GameShark have released their impressions of Cryptic Studios' City of Villains, after seeing the standalone title/expansion firsthand at E3. A snippet to follow:
Not that you will spend a lot of time in the water, but it does show that they paying attention to what needs to be fixed and fix it they did. Also the new physics engine allows villains to create more spectacular explosions and allows objects to get blown to bits in all their destructive glory. The layout of the Rogue Isles will feature 11 zones; 7 that are PvE and 4 that are PvP and will feature some of the same enemies that were found in Paragon City such as the Skulls and Circle of Thorns along with some new and interesting groups such as the earlier mentioned Arachno's. One of the other main and brilliant focuses of City of Villains is the creation of your (Lair of Terror). The game comes with a very easy to use building editor that allows you to create and construct your own home of villainy. The editor allows you to raise and lower floors and ceilings, create walls, corridors and additional rooms. You can simply choose the look of your lair by selecting it from a list of styles and then use the set of textures that goes along with it to customize it how you see fit.