Titan Quest Pre-E3 Preview

IGN PC has conjured up a two-page preview of Titan Quest, after seeing Iron Lore's action RPG firsthand during a pre-E3 press event. Check it out:
Everything looked solid and smooth at high resolution, even with bunches of enemies and effects on the screen. In the tradition of the Ensemble games that many of the Iron Lore folks worked on, Titan Quest will be a sunshine-dominated world (when you're not hacking up baddies, that is). It's all full of carefully crafted details, like you can see in this shot where the ground is covered with beastie remains and loot. Also notice the neat lighting effect on the gas emanating from the coffins. We didn't get to see a lot of the game--just the Egyptian tomb, some rolling landscape, and a town--but damn if it didn't look nice.