Dungeon Siege II Preview

WorthPlaying has put together a preview of Dungeon Siege II, after spending some firsthand time with Microsoft and Gas Powered Games' action RPG sequel. Here's a taste:
The game may be straightforward about its emphasis on destruction and mass slaughter, but that doesn't mean it's ungraceful about it. There's ample incentive to go out and complete quests, either for the main storyline or side quests, and they even attempt to weave a story through inter-party conversation and cut scenes. The story and character interaction isn't up the level of even, say, Neverwinter Nights, but it gets the job done. It can feel very constricting if you're treating this as a role-playing game (quite often, you get one reply to anything people say, so going through a conversation is just a sequence of reading and clicking with no real interaction), but it frankly isn't trying to play on that level.