World of Warcraft Tips of the Week #23

RPG Vault is offering up some additional advice to aid you in your travels through Blizzard's World of Warcraft. The twenty-third installment discusses playing a Gnome and choosing which armor your Mage should wear. An excerpt:
Many Mages swear by "of the Eagle" equipment since they raise Intellect and Stamina, giving you more mana and hit points respectively. My preference is to mix in one or two items that increase only the former, sacrificing a bit of defense for a little more offence. For high-level characters, Dreadmist gear boosts both plus Spirit, and a couple toss in an Agility gain as well. In general though, I don't concern myself with Spirit, which offers faster health and mana regeneration, since I can easily create as much food and water as I want via spells.