Dungeons & Dragons Online Pre-E3 Preview

The guys at GameZone are offering the latest preview of Turbine's Dungeons & Dragons Online, based upon a pre-E3 demo of the MMORPG. Check it out:
The setting is a viable world full of monsters, traps, treasure and high adventure. Turbine is also looking at smaller server caps than most other games sport, but will counter with population caps for guilds (which right now is around 50), and smaller city sizes. The idea, of course, is to create balanced character classes (again, right from the D&D manuals) with each class bringing unique skills to the party venturing environment. Traps can not only injure players, but will work against monsters as well. If players die in an instanced zone, and go back to the city to resurrect, they will not be able to re-enter the zone. There are altars within dungeons that can be used to rez fallen comrades, and clerics have the ability as well.