Jade Empire Reviews

The positive reviews for BioWare's Jade Empire continue to roll in, with two more popping up over the weekend. The first is at Lawrence.com with an overall score of 92%:
Repetitive combat and week-long load times aside, this is an excellent RPG for the casual role-player. While it may lack some of the depth seen in other games of its kind, it is also a much faster paced game. All in all, Jade Empire is one of the last great games for a system whose days are numbered.

And the second is at Age of Play with an overall score of 4.5/5:
More importantly, the combat sequences are in real time (as opposed to the turn-based trade-offs of traditional RPGs), making it all a deviously dynamic story-telling affair as you intellectualize not only every path, but every combat move, each throw-down, each block or roll, all at the speed and fluidity of kung-fu and with a firm understanding of the elusiveness of paper-scissors-rock outcomes.