The Matrix Online Reviews

Warner Bros. and Monolith's The Matrix Online is the subject of three mediocre reviews across the 'net. The first is at GameSpot with an overall score of 7.3/10:
There's a lot to like about The Matrix Online, and as an extension of a movie franchise that left audiences with more questions than answers, it's certainly got a lot of potential, if only from a storytelling standpoint. But the game serves up more than enough impediments to sap its strengths. It's recommendable to veterans of other online role-playing games who have experienced the trials and tribulations of this style of gaming and are willing to put up with more of the same types of problems they've probably experienced in the past, in the name of a new experience. It's also recommendable to open-minded Matrix fans who weren't fazed by the backlash against the movie sequels. But otherwise, don't expect The Matrix Online to make a believer out of you.

The second is at with no overall score:
If you long to live in the Matrix and are willing to pay a monthly fee to write fanfic, you might find The Matrix Online compelling. If you're looking for a solid and interesting MMORPG experience, there are much better virtual realities to jack into.

And the third is at Inside Gamer Online with an overall score of 5.6/10:
Any credit for The Matrix Online's potential success rests solely with its high-quality community, which is both a testament to the imagination of its players as well as Monolith's lack of creative energy outside of the city's artistic design. Simply put, only the most dedicated fan of the film franchise will glean any enjoyment from the most recent Warner-produced debacle, and experienced fans of MMO's will find nothing here to concern them. With a little more imagination and drive, The Matrix Online could have been special. Perhaps over time, the ongoing story will inject some energy into its current state of lifelessness, but in this form, it's just especially mediocre.