X-Men Legends N-Gage Reviews

Now that X-Men Legends has reached Nokia's N-Gage platform, we've been seeing a couple of reviews for the handheld version. The first is at UGO with an overall score of "B+":
The X-Men Legends formula from the console editions fits the N-Gage quite nicely with furious gameplay, component visuals, and multiplayer madness. It's too bad that the collision detection is occasionally faulty and the game fails to display the stats of all the characters at once, but those are minor complaints. I do, however, believe it was a mistake not to include an online multiplayer mode to further extend the game's replay value. There are only few lucky enough to know three others with both a game deck and a copy of the game to form the ultimate X-Men squad. Nevertheless, lone players can still have a lot of fun given the fact that this is one of the better N-Gage action titles you can own.

And the second is at AceGamez with an overall score of 8/10:
X-Men Legends for the N-Gage is a decent game. It's a game that delivers a cracking storyline, complimented by good voiceovers and some classic old-school hack and slash/RPG action with the nice bonus of having multiplayer blue tooth as well. X-Men Legends is definitely more suited for the person who likes to sit down and play for long periods of time, because this isn't a pick up and play game. And if you are not prepared to devote all eyes and ears to this game when you're playing it, you won't get far either. With that said, X-Men Legends has a lot going for it and makes a perfect travelling companion for long trips in the car.