Champions: Return to Arms Reviews

Sony's Champions: Return to Arms is the subject of yet another pair of reviews, both of which are fairly positive. The first is at Gaming Illustrated with an overall score of 84%:
Overall, Champions: Return to Arms is a nice title that should make RPGers extremely satisfied with the gameplay. There's secret missions, on-line play, and other goodies in the game to keep you coming back for more time and again. Personally, I lost way too many hours in the game just *trying to get past this level* in an effort to beef up my character. It's a nice RPG and looks great on the PS2, and is well worth your gaming dollar - it's totally fun and addicting to play.

And the second is at All RPG with an overall score of 7.0/10:
All of that being said, if you enjoyed the first Champions game, you will want to play this one to try out some of the new spells and the two new races. Fans of Everquest will enjoy the multiplayer and online capabilities much more than before. However if you are looking for a gripping story, you won't find it here. Champions: Return to Arms makes no significant improvements over its predecessor, but in the end it is a very fun game to play, challenging and rewarding. I would recommend this game to any who love dungeon crawlers, and any who love the Myth and Lore of Everquest.