Champions: Return to Arms Reviews

Sony and Snowblind's Champions: Return to Arms is the subject of two new reviews on the web. The first is at Game Revolution with an overall score of :
As an expansion pack, Champions: Return to Arms makes sense. It allows you to continue the button-mashing exploits you began in Champions of Norrath, leveling your character up, up and away as you scour the world for new gear. Hardcore fans of the original will be pleased that nothing was broken.

And the second is at Gaming Horizon with an overall score of 7.4/10:
All character models are gorgeously designed, with additional adjustments like skin color, hair style, hair color, facial hair, fur pattern, and horn styles. In the case of the new classes, Iksar Shamans can be decorated as the standard green lizard, or spruced up into desert/spotted raptors with clubs. The Berserker perhaps received the most vivid attention of all, with extremely detailed fur patterns. Players can opt for the traditional Siberian tiger, or go for a cheetah, panther, white tiger, or lion. All patterns are decisively differentiated and character motions (check out those teeth) are fluid and natural.