Champions: Return to Arms Reviews

A trio of new reviews have hit the web for Sony and Snowblind's newly released Champions: Return to Arms. The first is at GameZone with an overall score of 8.0/10:
Champions: Return to Arms is more of the same but with enough differences to keep old fans pleased and new gamers ready to jump into the fray. With branching paths that can lead to good or evil and a multiplayer mode that kicks major tail Return to Arms is more hack-and-slash action worth checking out.

The second is at Game Revolution with an overall score of "C+":
You have to give props to Snowblind for building a game engine that, at its core, has survived for four years and still looks pretty good, although the once-amazing water effect isn't so thrilling anymore. It's also annoying that, despite this being a brand new game, numerous levels look just like those in Norrath due to recycled tile sets. However, Return to Arms generally runs smoothly in spite of its age.

And the third is at Yahoo Games Domain with an overall score of 7/10:
With strong production qualities and enjoyable fast-food gameplay, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy Champions, especially if you like your RPGs to lean far into the "action" column. But contrary to standard sequel assumptions, the players who'll get the most out of Return to Arms are those who didn't play the last game, and perhaps even gamers who haven't touched a hack-and-slash since Gauntlet. For them, this will all seem new and perhaps even exciting. Vets still bloody from their last go at Norrath's creatures, however, should be wary of forking over full price for what could be an expansion pack.