Star Wars: KotOR II Reviews

LucasArts and Obsidian's Star Wars: KotOR sequel is the subject of two more very positive reviews on the web. The first is at with an overall score of "A+":
...believe me, this is one game that you'll want to complete. Sith Lords gives gamers more of what made the original title everybody's Game of the Year in 2003: great story, super combat and interesting role-playing. If you visit the Star Wars universe but once this year, visit it here.

And the second is at RPGDot with an overall score of 86%:
In conclusion - though my vocabulary in game was not always of the high caliber many are used to (meaning my Navy spouse even learned a new and colorful phrase or two) - there were many more positive than negative aspects to KotOR 2. Without question, its character development system was of the highest caliber around. The storyline was creatively sculptured to make for a very smooth transition from KotOR to KotOR2, and game play not only faithfully followed the story script - but enhanced it greatly. The game's quests (and side quests) were all well done, interesting enough without becoming either tedious or repetitive, and also storyline enhancing...which, btw - neither KotOR, nor KotOR 2 - had a pre-requisite that you, the gamer, be somewhat literate of George Lucas' masterpieces in order to fully enjoy either game. Game graphics, and game sound, were very good - though it is my personal suspicion that the same will be even better on the PC version - given the limitations of Xbox hardware versus PC hardware. Only time will tell, though I would not be surprised to see KotOR 2 take on as many (if not more) accolades and honors as did its predecessor - it certainly deserves as much in my eyes.