Dungeons & Dragons Online Producer Letter

Turbine's official Dungeons & Dragons Online website has been updated with a new producer letter, in which executive producer Judith Hoffman talks about the game's upcoming beta testing. Sounds like 2005 could be a good year for D&D fans!
So, Beta. First off, we're going to be breaking it into several stages. For each stage, we're going to have different goals, and we're going to want to hear from different people about how to improve the game. The first stage of beta, Beta 0, will be small. Very small. You probably won't be in it. And let's be honest - you probably don't want to be. Oh, I know, you think you want to be in Beta 0. Face it, Beta 0 is going to be exasperating. Chaotic. Messy. Beta 0 is about getting things (un-broken,) set up, configured, stable, and ready to expand to the larger beta stages the ones you will be in. There will be lots of starts and stops and things breaking. This stage will be populated by people who have been in previous Turbine tests, and personal team referrals, who we feel we can abuse in a special way.