The Bard's Tale Reviews

Yet another three reviews have hit the web for inXile's recently released action RPG, The Bard's Tale. The first is over at The Adrenaline Vault with an overall score of 3.5/5:
It's somewhat ironic that The Bard's Tale, which satirizes conventional medieval epics and romances, suffers from such a conventional adventure. While attempting to streamline the action-RPG experience by eliminating superfluous components, the developers inadvertently removed many of the genre's staples, partially dulling the gameplay. As a result, it's neither complex nor particularly inventive, but even though it could have been much more, The Bard's Tale is a still a humorous and engaging romp through the Orkney Islands of Scotland.

The second is at Game Industry News with a perfect score of 5/5:
There are even multiple endings for the game, and what I would guess is the most popularly chosen one has quite a surprising twist. But The Bards Tale is not afraid to break rules. Combine that with the fact that every aspect of the title really shows the amount of time and detail that went into it, and you have an instant classic on your hands that provides a solid 20 hours of enthralling play.

And the third is at GameOver Online with an overall score of 80%:
It's quite tricky to evaluate this rendition of the Bard's Tale compared to the older titles in Fargo's legendary series. This is particularly true when you consider that this Bard would've skewered it with his wit. RPG fans that are interested in a good laugh at their favorite genre's expense will probably dig this title, flaws and all.