X-Men Legends Reviews

A half dozen new reviews for Activision and Raven's X-Men Legends have been posted over the past several days. The first is over at 3DAvenue with an overall score of 85/100:
X-men Legends is a game that has been boosted by the lack of hype surrounding it. The fact that it was not hyped or really talked about much before release has helped it give a lasting impression and Raven have done a fantastic job with this game. X-Men fans must own this game.

The second is at PS2 Fantasy with an overall score of 8.5/10:
X-Men Legends is a truly effective superhero game that successfully integrates elements not only of X-Men comics but also of multiple genres of video games. From the very start, the gamer is intensely immerged in this epic comic book that comes alive. Bombarded with movies, characters, a plot, and most importantly, action that is extremely representative of Marvel's vision, I can do nothing but recommend this game not only to lovers of the genre or of X-Men, but every gamer interested in a fulfilling and fresh experience rife with excitement.

The third is at Xbox Rules with an overall score of 6.6/10:
The graphics are very impressive, the characters look like the comic book heroes we love and their powers are displayed with equal relish. The storylines don't let the comic books down, they are well written. The short story intros are first class, you get to walk around the x-men mansion and be apart of the x-men world. Throughout the game you collect comic books and art which to an avid marvel and x-men fans is a dream to flick through.

The fourth is at GamersInfo with no overall score:
All in all X-Men: Legends is an excellent RPG. It is fun and offers good single and multi-player options. The great variety of characters should appeal to X-Men fans and unfamiliar new-comers alike. The game is a must own for any X-Men fan and I'd recommend it to any fan of either RPGs or action games. However players should be aware that the game does have a couple glitches and though I found them extremely frustrating the glitches didn't diminish the fun I had playing during the majority of time when the game functioned properly.

The fifth is at The Armchair Empire with an overall score of 8.7/10:
While there are less RPG features than straightforward action gaming in X-Men Legends, the RPG elements that are here should satisfy RPG gamers, especially if they happen to be big X-Men aficionados. The sheer number of playable X-Men is amazing, each with their own set of mutant powers that can be used towards the ultimate cause of restoring peace between mutants and non-mutants. It's a bit too linear, there's no online multiplayer gameplay, but X-Men Legends is a still a very good action RPG.

And the sixth is at Web Wombat with an overall score of 90%:
If you like old school arcade beat-em-ups like Final Fight or The Punisher, and have haughtily indulged in the RPG elements of titles like Diablo 2 and Champions of Norrath in the past, X-Men Legends will delight.