Neverwinter Nights: Kingmaker Review

IGN's Neverwinter Vault has posted a review of Kingmaker, giving the premium Neverwinter Nights module an overall score of 6.5/10. Their conclusion to follow:
Without the hype, I would still have been this critical. My expectations would have been a bit lower, but my criticisms would have been the same. Personally, I think eight dollars (and eight hours of perfectly good free time) is a lot to pay for this module, and I anticipate that some players will disagree with me. I have seen so much terrific work in the community and I feel good recommending their modules. This one is fun and entertaining, but it comes up short against its own (early) reputation as a 'premium module'.

As an aside, I know that some people in the building community are frustrated with the inability to view the Premium Modules in the toolset. I do not want to incite a debate, but I would like to highlight a point that is lost in the din. Some people enjoy looking at the modules in the toolset for the simple pleasure that is found in seeing how things work. They are undoubtedly disappointed that they cannot peek under the covers and I just want to recognize that here. As codepoetz, another Reviewer, put it so aptly, "That changes the experience for me -- I always poke around in the toolset after I play a module ... it's part of the fun!" I am not a builder, but I know there is a lot of collaboration and hard work behind ALL the modules and it is unfortunate when opportunities to learn and share are dashed.