X-Men Legends Reviews

Four enthusiastic reviews for Activision and Raven's X-Men Legends have shown up on the web over the past few days. The first is over at RPGFan with an overall score of 81%:
Overall, X-Men Legends is a good game with no major flaws. Although it's certainly not genre busting in any way, it provides Action-RPG fans something better to play than the subpar Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Anyone who is a fan of either the X-Men or Action-RPGs will find a fun, 15-hour game with X-Men Legends. Fortunately, after the ending, Apocalypse appears, and a lead-in for the now-announced sequel is shown, so more is on the way.

The second is at AusXbox with an overall score of 9/10:
All in all, XMen Legends is a very polished product, it provided hours of entertainment and a very enjoyable story. I would not say the game is by any means difficult but not easy either, its got a good balance, a lot of the time, this is more than simply a beat the hell out of the AI type game, you have to think about how to tackle certain things, this game takes brains and braun.

The third is at Age of Play with an overall score of 4.5/5:
Gameplay is an action-RPG affair akin to Dungeon Siege and the like, where you control a team of four Mutants (eventually), meeting new ones as you progress through the story and swapping out select characters along the way. As each X-person has a unique skill or two, the group dynamic is always changing on the heavily action accented fly, which keeps it all fresh and invigorating through and through.

And the fourth is at Xbox World Australia with an overall score of 86%:
X-Men: Legends is a breath of fresh air on the Xbox: an action RPG without the wizards, warriors and stereotypical fantasy conventions that mire the genre. It manages to provide not only an extremely satisfying hack'n'slash experience, but also a solid story and non-combat component that adds a little depth to the usual shallow, button-mashing gameplay. Add 4 player co-op, the ever-popular X-Men franchise and a wealth of rich historical information to the equation, and you have an absolute winner.

If you love the X-Men, love RPGs, or just love your Xbox, commandeer the X-Jet and fly to your local store and grab a copy!