Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Xbox Previews

Both HomeLan Fed and TeamXbox bring us updated previews of the Xbox version of Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. Here's a snip from HomeLan Fed's article:
Graphically, the Xbox version of Demon Stone is quite solid with some imaginative designs for the creatures you encounter as well as some well designed levels and landscapes. The biggest shortcoming in this build (as it was in the PS2 version) is the lack of co-op play in any form. Demon Stone cries out for this features and it's a real disappointment that it's not in the Xbox game (or the PC version for that matter).

And a clip from TeamXbox's article:
Item upgrades are purchased with the gold you manage to find throughout each level. These upgrades can include defensive aspects (armor), weapons, or even special rings/amulets. This adds a nice little bit of strategy as you'll only be able to pick and choose certain upgrades being that gold is sometimes difficult to come by. These items aren't exactly cheap either. Sure, a +5 Ring of Protection will serve you well, but at a cost of 21,000 gold!

For those not particularly interested in the level up or economy system of Demon Stone, there is a (auto-buy) option that will outfit your character with the essentials and get you right back in the action.