X-Men Legends Reviews

Two more fairly positive reviews have surfaced for Activision and Raven's X-Men Legends. The first is over at Game Revolution with an overall score of "B":
Given a little patience, however, X-Men Legends will reward you with a good storyline and fun gameplay. Numerous collectables and hidden items lend a lot of replay potential, which you'll also derive from focusing on the different mutant abilities available from the different X-Men. Though some issues do exist, they are minor, especially to the die-hard X-Men fans who long to have mutant powers of their own. Good ones, I mean.

And the second is at GamesRadar with an overall score of 90%:
X-flies in the X-ointment? Play solo, as we reckon most people will most of the time, and you will find your three AI buddies, while eager, do have a habit of getting killed more quickly than when you're controlling them. It's not a game wrecker but that sliver of mistrust in your buddies' abilities can intrude on your fun in the heat of battle. Aside from that though, and the relative scarcity of decent puzzles given the potential afforded by the mutants' powers, X-Men: Legends is the bomb, balancing drip-fed depth and buddy enhanced action expertly and with serious style. All this and Sentinels too! What do you mean you don't know what Sentinels are? Shame on you...