Wish Preview

Access Gamer has put together a three-page preview of Wish, the upcoming UMMORPG from Mutable Realms. Check it out:
It is standard practice in the online role-playing genre for a game to have continually changing content, but Wish takes this practice a step further by allowing players to have a lasting impact on the game world itself. Instead of being static, where one main event will repeat itself throughout the longevity of the game, Wish promises to be truly dynamic. If a town is under attack by a group of fifty monsters, then it is safe again once all fifty are killed and they will not come back unless a gamemaster, like noted before, makes them come back. In fact, one can assume that a gamemaster made the initial attack happen in the first place. Players will achieve higher goals for higher standards, unlike other online role-playing games currently on the market. If a player accomplishes a big feat, Bards will sing songs about them, their name will appear in newspapers around the world to tell others about the event and if big enough, a statue of their in-game character will be erected in a most prominent location.