X-Men Legends Reviews

You can find three more reviews for X-Men Legends on the web today, all of which are on the positive side. The first is at ESCmag with an overall score of 9/10:
No matter how you look at it, X-Men Legends is a great action RPG title to add to your Xbox collection. The game is easy to pick up and features a nice effective combat system. It's fun to watch the frenzy lighting effects that are going onscreen, while the enemies are flying off in different directions following a powerful "Xtreme" discharge. Not to mention the countless team combos you can create in this game. There are also some rather interesting levels to choose from besides trying to dismantle Magneto's plan. You can visit the danger room to hone your mutant skills or explore the X-Mansion and take on several "flashback" missions.

The second is at XboxAddict with an overall score of 4.5/5:
Over time, the combat system really shines. Just manipulating your favorite X-Men's abilities is something I could only dream about. Combo-ing in different mutant powers with your fellow X-Men is mad fun. When you finally get your character's special mutant attack.. man, those can be amazing. The battle between Cyclops and Havok is just, crazy fun.

And the third is at Daily Game with an overall score of 7.8/10:
All things considered, X-Men Legends was created by and for franchise fans. From the character selection to the comic-book look to the ability to wander the entire Mansion, this game is any X-Men fan's dream. There's even a trivia game that earns players XP for each correct answer. But (trivial) is by and large the name of the game with X-Men Legends. It relies far too much on its label, not its gameplay, to stand out in an already-packed genre.