X-Men Legends Reviews

Activision and Raven's X-Men Legends continues to receive favorable review scores, with five more popping up over the past few days. The first is over at Cincinatti.com with no overall score but this positive conclusion:
X-Men fans will completely enjoy being able to play their favorite heroes and appreciate the continuity between the comics and movies, even with Patrick Stewart voicing Prof. Charles Xavier.

XML has so few problems and is so much fun, I'll likely play it tonight until I fall asleep with the controller in my hand.

The second is at PSX2 with an overall score of 8/10:
If you have a couple friends and an afternoon to charge through the game with them, you're going to have a blast. The single-player experience is still fun, but without the lure of real teamwork, the rougher spots of the game tend to punch through to the fore during inopportune times. Hopefully with the inevitable sequel, Raven will learn a bit and come back with a deeper story (one can pray that it's penned by one of the bigger-name comic writers), and more professional voice acting.

The third is at TotalVideoGames with an overall score of 7/10:
X-Men Legends is a definite improvement over previously licensed X-Men titles, and with the announcement that a sequel is already in the works, hopefully the developers will listen to some of the criticism that the first title receives, and build on what could be a very successful franchise. The overall package is done quite well, especially the RPG elements, and the graphical style feels right too. The game does have quite an '˜old-school' feel to it that some may not like, but it's a definite foundation for the franchise to develop over time.

The fourth is at Warcry with an overall score of 9.1/10:
This game was definitely fun. Even for me, a not-so-huge X-Men follower. I was able to pick up on as much (or as little) background information on the X-Men as I wanted. I could visit areas of the Mansion and read up about the X-Men, read character bios, everything. This makes the game much less intimidating to the non-follower.

There is even a good bit here for the follower. If you aren't a huge RPG fan, you can auto-level your characters fairly effectively, allowing you to just run amok with your favorite X-Men. You can check bits of information that you may not remember previously about your favorite superhero.

Do you have a buddy that wants to play with ya, also? Simple and easy to get him in. You don't have to have him restart with a gimpy character. You can just have him plug in his controller and join in with you, then just unplug it when he is done. This rocked.

And the fifth is at Da Game Boyz with an overall score of 7.9/10:
Legends is, overall, a good game. It shows a lot of promise and I can only hope that a sequel is coming which will fix the few flaws found in this one. It's definitely better than your average hack n' slash game but the wonky AI will probably frustrate you to no end. Legends provides mainstream accessibility and adds little touches, special items, and other unlockables that will satisfy true fans of the comics. The key to X-Men Legends is teamwork, so grab some friends and spread peace and understanding by throwing the nearest villain through a wall.