Wish Developer Journal #6

RPGVault has released the sixth installment to their ongoing developer journal for Mutable Realms' UMMORPG, Wish. This time, the article focuses on how writer Michael K. Donovan's contributions has helped move the game along. Check it out:
History played an important role in determining the present state of the game. With our basis laid out, logic pushed me in certain directions. It made sense for the New Illanthian elves, separated from their motherland and inundated with humanity during the Age of Strife, to develop a decidedly different flavor than their western cousins in Illanthia. Originally, the idea was to have all the races in conflict with one another during the Empire War, although geographically, this became too much of a stretch. The survival of the gnomes, centralized amongst the races, would have been difficult to justify, for instance. Fortunately, their intellectual and philosophical bent made it a small logical leap to remove them entirely from direct conflict. Some of the setting details actually sprang from existing game mechanisms. For instance, an early build of the game had three different clerical schools of magic, Mending, Blessing and Cursing. I used each of these as a basis for what would later become the White, Blue and Red Orders in human / Larocian culture.