X-Men Legends Review

Nintendojo has posted a glowing review of X-Men Legends, giving the comic book-inspired action RPG an overall score of 9.4/10. Their conclusion:
In summary, I would like to make a 3 point statement. Psylocke was only unlocked far too late in the game. I was dying to play as her, and I was forced to wait until about 4 chapters away from the end. I was not pleased about that very much. Point 2, Gambit is awesome. He cannot, and will not be defeated. Lastly, as Point 3, I demand a sequel. You hear me Activision, I must have it. There are so many possible story lines and fresh villains to use. I would easily pay upwards of two-hundred dollars for a sequel. So now the ball is in your court Activision -- don't let me (us) down.