Ultima Online: Samurai Empire Developer Diary

GameSpy has released a developer diary for Ultima Online: Samurai Empire, in which programmer EvilMantis describes how the expansion came to add a new virtue to the existing universe. A snip:
After code complete and integration, the honor virtue went to Q/A. The usual amount of minor issues were discovered and corrected. In addition to this, there were change requests for the virtue's features. For each request, I would have to talk it over again with Oaks, and for the most part we kept things as designed. Occasionally, some requests were so interesting that we decided to change the way the virtue worked. A good example of this is Embrace Honor. At first, the Damage Bonus and Monster Ignore were awarded for five minutes at a cost of a percentage of honor points. It was requested that this time limit be based instead on the path of the virtue for the player, as I described above. This seemed much more immersive and would encourage greater use of the virtue as well. I made the change and back it went into testing.