Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Impressions

GameInformer has posted their impressions of Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, based upon a preview copy of the Dungeons & Dragons console title. A snippet:
Another part of combat comes in the form of super attacks. As you attack enemies a special on-screen meter will gradually fill up. Once full another on-screen will sparkle, indicating that you can unleash a super attack. Pressing the Triangle button will unleash the move, which usually clears out multiple enemies around you. If you manage to fill up your super attack meters for all three of your characters, you can pull of a team super attack, which is pretty powerful to say the least. The Two Towers utilized a pretty similar system in the combat, except in that title achieving (perfect) status made you do more damage with your attacks. Admittedly, the (perfect) feature was sometimes a bit difficult to achieve. To address this, Demon Stone's super attack system is far more liberal. Since you'll usually be fighting hordes of enemies, you meter will fill up pretty quickly, so you should never been too short on having super attacks to even the odds against your foes.