Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Interview

GameSpy has published an interview with Atari's Todd Hartwig, in which the producer discusses the differences between the console and PC versions of Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. Here's a taste:
Q: Besides the standard D&D monsters everyone's familiar with, like orcs, bugbears, and elves, could you describe some of the more exotic creatures the players will face and the kinds of tactics and challenges they present?

A: Demon Stone features rarely before seen Yuan-ti and a variety of Slaadi. Yuan-ti, who are snake-like creatures, are extremely fast moving, and can slither up the sides of things. You encounter them in their temple in Chult. Zhai is particularly good at evading them and countering with fast attacks. She also has a particularly nice linked move that can be triggered when battling them. The Slaadi -- there are Red, Green, and Death Slaad in the game -- are pretty challenging. They can summon themselves, or magically appear without warning, and in large numbers. The Red are pretty big, and Rannek does the best job of knocking them back, and in larger encounters using his Riposte Attack to repel them. Illius is the most effective against the Green Slaad archers and their magically charged arrows.