Ultima Online: Samurai Empire Q&A

GameSpot has conducted an interview with EA's Jessica Lewis, asking the Ultima Online: Samurai Empire associate producer and team lead two pages of questions about the much anticipated expansion. Check it out:
Q: In addition to the expansion pack's various features, what other changes and additions will the expansion make to the original game? Also, are there any separate changes planned for the core game that will be implemented even for players who don't decide to get the expansion?

A: I mentioned before that the guild system is new and improved. I believe the guild system will be a pleasant surprise to all players of Ultima Online. We are introducing guild leaders, emissaries (who can invite or remove members), warlords (who can set and accept the win conditions to guild wars), and ronin (a "mercenary" rank of sorts--they are part of the guild with the absolute minimum permissions required to participate in wars). There will also be a new voting system for players to vote in or out a guild leader.