SpellForce: Gold Edition Announced

JoWood's official website has been updated with information about a new "Gold Edition" of SpellForce that contains both the original game at the Breath of Winter expansion. The description:
Gold is not only the colour of the most wanted olympic medal, but also the sign of winners. And SpellForce is indeed a winner, the innovative game surprised players and press all over the world. A new genre was created, and the game placed itself in top chart positions worldwide, selling far beyond expectations, especially in Europe. "SpellForce The Order of the Dawn" was one of the top sellers last year, taking its stand against the tough competition, and the quality and features of the first Add-On convinced both press and fans.

The Release of the Gold Edition, including both main game and Add-On, is one of JoWooD`s efforts to expand the community and to tease the fans regarding further releases in the successful SpellForce scenario.