Ultima Online: Samurai Empire Interview, Part Two

RPGVault has published the second installment of their Ultima Online: Samurai Empire interview with EA producer Anthony Castoro. Here's a snip about the expansion's new items:
Q: Will there be many new items such as clothes and weapons? How will they add to the game in addition to simply creating larger pools of swords, armor et al?

A: There's TONS of new stuff in this expansion. We've added a huge amount of wearable items in the game. In addition to giving the players greater variety, we've associated new gameplay elements with several of the items. For example, Shurikens and the Fukiya (blow gun) are new projectile weapons. Smoke bombs do not cause damage, but assist ninjas with their hiding and stealth skills. Many new weapons including the Tessens (fighting fans) and Sais are fast two-handed weapons.

You'll see many traditional Samurai and Ninja weapons including the No-Daichi, Wakizashi, Nunchaku (Nunchucks) and the Yumi (a large bow). The new additions also give more gameplay value for our high-end crafters. Many of the new items require substantial investments to the craft before a player can attempt one of them.