Champions of Norrath Review

3DAvenue has posted a review of Champions of Norrath, giving the PS2 action RPG an overall score of 86/100. Their final paragraph to follow:
Champions of Norrath will catch on very quickly with fans of the Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance series, not surprising considering its by the same developer. Using the same approach as Dark Alliance the developers have now shown twice that this style of game on console is a definate winner, the online option just adds another dimension to the gameplay. The developers have taken one of the most popular mega multiplayer games around and created a highly structured, very playable single player game from the Everquest universe and included many things that fans of the PC and PS2 online games will appreciate in terms of authentically recreating the Norrath universe. Anyone interested in a new action RPG should definately check out Champions of Norrath as that's what the game delivers in spades, action, action, action. Even more so if you have an online adapter or a bunch of mates and a multitap.