Middle-Earth Online Q&A

Warcry has published a brief Q&A with Turbine's Matt Imregi, in which the Middle-Earth Online lead designer reveals a small amount of information about the MMORPG.
Q: What is the one thing that you want the fans of Middle-Earth Online to know most of all?

A: That's a good question; a hard question. Really and truly, the thing that we are trying to do with Middle-earth is bring a strong sense of narrative to an MMORPG experience. It's something that we've all seen work in lots of games. The 'best of breed' games in every genre are what they are in large part because they are very narratively driven. Above and beyond the gameplay experience, having that kind of context around the things that you're doing really drives the experience home. That's something which we'd really like to see happen in an MMORPG, just as well as in a Half-life or a Warcraft III. That's really one of the things we want to do with MEO. We're doing the first Massively Multiplayer game based on a book, and there's a certain responsibility that goes along with that, and the general sense of a narrative context around the things that you are doing is something we're really pushing.