Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion Q&A, Part Five

Anarchy Online Hell has published the fifth part of their Alien Invasion interview, this time speaking with game designer Colin Cragg. Here's a little something to get you started:
Q: How important do you think the AI of "AI" will be to the gameplay? will it be more important than it was with Shadowlands?

A: We have worked hard to ensure a unique experience with the AI in Alien Invasion. NPC behavior and strategy was very important to the game-play of Shadowlands and Rubi-Ka. Anyone who has survived any of the past unique encounters can attest to the necessity of a close and controlled team strategy. Alien Invasion will take our best experiences from Shadowlands and Rubi-Ka and build toward something even more challenging for the players. In the past, AI challenges could be overcome by one simple solution (We need more people!). This will no longer be an easy solution in Alien invasion.