Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion Interview

Experience Gaming has conducted an interview with Terri Perkins, online product manager at Funcom, to learn more about Anarchy Online and the game's upcoming Alien Invasion expansion. A snippet:
Q: Maybe you can tell us about the various expansions the online game has and is going to release?

A: Anarchy Online has a booster pack, "Notum Wars" that introduced land control and then our first expansion was "Shadowlands". Shadowlands opened up an entire new world to the players and introduced " geogameplay ", perks and breathtaking content that once again pushed the envelope for the genre.

Our next expansion will be released on 1 September-- Alien Invasion. Alien Invasion brings some AMAZING AI features into the MMOG world. For the first time, players will log in and be prey for intelligent beings that literally modify their methods based based on your gameplay. This expansion offers fast paced, really fun gameplay and a wealth of new social features that will be an incredible addition to the existing game.