SpellForce: Breath of Winter Reviews

A pair of reviews have surfaced for Phenomic's recently released SpellForce: Breath of Winter expansion. The first is at Jolt Online Gaming with a 7.4/10:
If Breath of Winter is anything, it's more of the same. While it does little to change the gameplay, it does add new equipment and spells, and also has a few minor interface improvements that affect the main game too. Arguably the most significant addition is that of Freeplay mode, where you can play from a selection of maps (in single player or even online if you like), building up a character and amassing treasure that you can save for future sessions. If you've played SpellForce already then you'll know exactly what to expect with Breath of Winter. If you didn't enjoy it, or even finish it, then there may not be anything to see here. Ultimately the score reflects what value this expansion might have to the already established player.

And the second is at VideoGamesLife with an overall score of 75/100:
So, on one hand, you've got the huge single player campaign, the addition of a '˜skirmish' mode and co-operative multiplayer, but on the other the '˜minor' niggle of it not being of the same standard as the original. If you've never played SpellForce before, we'd heartily advise you to add 10 to the score and go out and get yourself a copy. If you like it, then The Breath of Winter will keep you entertained for ages, but if you don't like it, this is something you'll need to avoid: it adds nothing that could convince sceptics that it's changed for the better. So, if you're not a fan, take 20 off the score and go pout in the corner. It's certainly a good expansion for SpellForce that adds a couple of nice features, but it's not quite the all-singing, all-dancing add-on the original game deserves.