Wish Developer Journal #2

RPGVault has released the second installment to their ongoing developer journal for Mutable Realms' UMMORPG, Wish. This time, the article focuses on Live Content, including fame and other community aspects. An excerpt:
Beyond player written books, we also have a wealth of written material floating around the world for players to discover. Histories of Ganedan are available in the world's libraries, with new works appearing to document our ever-evolving history.

Fame will not be a game mechanic, but rather the recognition of player actions by other players. Our work in the presentation of Live Content is but a catalyst to the creation of a greater community within Wish.

Community is an extremely important aspect of the MMORPG. Live Content answers this call, as it creates common goals for the players to tackle. In our first beta, the power of community was demonstrated by the creation of town allegiances. Each player who participated in that three-week plot arc swore their allegiance to one of four towns. Over a very short period, these settlements evolved from random collections of complete strangers into close-knit, self-sufficient and loyal groups.