Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Preview

GameSpy has put together a two-page preview of Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, the upcoming action RPG based in the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Check it out:
One of the common criticisms of brawlers of the sort we're discussing is that they can be repetitive, and Stormfront is hoping to avoid this pitfall with a healthy dose of variety. For starters, you can switch to any character at any time -- the other two will be CPU-controlled. Each companion brings different skills to the party. The warrior is pretty self-explanatory -- he just slices things. The sorcerer is a poor melee fighter who prefers to attack from afar with magic bolts, while the rogue is a so-so fighter who can conceal herself in shadows to execute instant-kill backstabs.

As the game progresses, further differences will emerge to differentiate the characters. Experience and gold acquired through battle can be used to upgrade the party between levels, giving everyone new resistances, combos and attacks. New powers can also be gained by stripping foes of artifacts. After the second level, for example, the party defeats an orcish king, and his items give the rogue a high jump, the wizard mine-like beads of force, and the warrior a strong pounding attack.