Dungeons & Dragons Online Interview

The Vault Network has conducted an interview with Turbine's Ken Troop, asking the lead designer several questions about Dungeons & Dragons Online. Here's a bit to get you started:
Q: The game's major metropolitan area, Stormreach, is described as a bustling frontier town. Can you give us any background on the city? What are the major factions controlling it?

A: The treasures of Xen'drik are legendary, and those seeking to recover these relics of the long lost past are drawn here for their chance at fame and fortune. Stormreach is the port city that many adventurers call home - a foothold on the untamed jungles of this dangerous land. The major organizations of the world all recognize the important role that Xen'drik will play in the future of Eberron, and thus have made their presences known in Stormreach. The Coin Lords, the Emerald Claw, nearly all of the Dragonmarked Houses, and the Aerenal (just to name a few) are all working both out in the open and under the cover of shadows to carve out their space in the city. To say that opportunities abound for the clever adventurer would be a bit of an understatement.