Dungeon Siege II Friday Update

Gas Powered Games has posted another Friday update on the official Dungeon Siege II website, this time releasing some more concept art, an addition to the bestiary, a new spell, and another dev diary. Here's a snip from the latter:
Now that our E3 efforts are complete, we're focusing on completing our mod community support plans. Besides tool and documentation plans, we are also examining how to incorporate Jason Ernsdorff's fantastic SiegeWorks.Org into our website's next evolution, under the GPG umbrella. We want to give the mod community the tools they need to dig into DS2, and the resources they need to create fantastic content for the rest of us to enjoy. Most importantly, though, we want you, our community, to understand how important to us you are. We have been quiet during the past year or so while we've been heads-down on DS2; but you can expect to hear more from us as we close on our finish line and deliver Dungeon Siege II into your hands this year.